Monday, July 13, 2009

Greyhound Left To Starve To Death In Scotland

Everyone, meet Bleu...

Bleu is a gorgeous ex-racing Greyhound and was found in Fife, Scotland a few days ago. The full BBC news report can be found here.

Ironically, he was found emaciated and just a few days from a horrific and painful death in the constituancy of Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister (whom you can email about this matter at - although keep it polite). Before you do though, let me tell you a little about Bleu...

Bleu should have weighed 30kg, which is the correct weight for an adult male Greyhound. Instead he weighed just 18kg because he had been starved for at least 2 months before he was found, according to veterinary staff. He is just 2 years old so imagine the kind of life he has had so far.

Bleu was abandoned, but not by simply being left somwhere, which would have been bad enough. No, he wasthrown over an 8 foot high fence into an abandoned factory. He could not escape because it was effectively wasteland. Had someone walking nearby not spotted him he would certainly be dead now.

Langdyke Boarding Kennel owner Sylvia Pass said: "When the dog was brought here it had a 50/50 chance of survival. It was malnourished and dehydrated and we found it covered in fleas. It has no muscle, no flesh. If it lay on its side and shut its eyes you would think it had been dead for a couple of weeks, it's that bad."

Bleu is recovering from a damaged shoulder as well as his emaciation and currently has a 75% chance of survival. Thanks to excellent medical care and being fed 6 to 8 times a day with small meals of food high in protein and fat soaked in water, Bleu's chances of survival are much higher than they were just a few days ago.

Speak out about ths and pass the link on to all your friends. Everyone needs to know about this dispicable act because it must stop now!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick And Unthinkable: Brutal Greyhound Murder With A Breadknife

Normally I take the time to provide an introduction to various stories I have emailed to me or read about greyhounds but I am absolutely seething with rage at the moment. I have literally just received an email, the contents of which are written word for word below, that has made me feel sick. Please read it and pass on the message because this HAS TO STOP NOW!!!

There were bones sticking out of its body and it looked extremely thin like it hadn't been looked after!!!!

Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK have been alerted to this recent MURDER from one of our supporters in the area therefore if anyone has any intelligence on this case please email us at or immediately

Grehound Crusaders/SWAP team UK

The article can be found at or in full below:

Jean's horror over dog find
Published Date:
20 February 2009
By Marissa Carruthers

An animal lover has spoken of her disgust at her grim discovery after she found a dead dog that had been stabbed in the head.

Jean Frost was disgusted when a pal told her she had stumbled across the brutally disfigured greyhound in land near Dene Street, Silksworth when she was walking her dog.

She phoned police, who took a bread knife that lay next to the dog away to be examined.

And the 46-year-old was horrified when she returned to the site a week later and found the animal's body was still there.

Mrs Frost, of Thorney Close, said: "My friend was walking her dog when she found this greyhound with a knife lying next to it.

"She looked at it closer and it had stab wounds to its head and the rest of its body and there was a knife lying next to its legs.

"Its ears were also filled with blood so it was definitely stabbed.

"She called the police and someone came out to take some pictures and they took the knife with them."

Mrs Frost, who has volunteered with several animal rescue centres across the region, said the dog looked as though it had been badly treated and was malnourished.

She said: "It's disgusting and pathetic that anyone could do something like this. There's absolutely no need to stick a knife into a dog's head.

"Even people who are not working can go to the PDSA and get free help or get them put down humanly.

"Or there's greyhound rescue centres they can be taken to.

"There were bones sticking out of its body and it looked extremely thin like it hadn't been looked after. It's so sad."

A police spokesman said: "On Wednesday, February 11, police received a report of a dead dog in woods near to Dene Street, Silksworth. Police attended the area but were unable to locate the dog.

"On Thursday, February 12, police were assisted in finding the dog by the member of the public who had initially reported it.

"The dog was found away from the main walking tracks in a remote part of the wood. Police also recovered a knife at the scene.

"Council cleansing teams were called to remove the dog's body and the RSPCA were also informed about the discovery."

Anyone wanting to report animal cruelty can seek advice from the RSPCA by phoning 0300 1234 999.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Please Sign The Stop Greyhound Cruelty Petition

Just a quick note today to pass on a message to everyone that cares about greyhounds for a member of the Facebook cause, Andy Falconer. Andy left a link at the cause page today for a petition to promote the abolition of greyhound cruelty, which desperately needs signatures.

You can find the petition here: STOP GREYHOUND CRUELTY.

Please sign, even if you do so anonymously, and pass on the link to your friends.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hitting The Greyhound Industry Where It Hurts!

It's been a while since I wrote a post on this blog because most of my posts have been placed on Lou's Gorgeous Greyhounds in recent months. However, the news I'm receiving is starting to come through thick and fast on Greyhound rescues and the industry itself so I'm going to try and maintain the 2 from now on!

First up is the subject of an email I received a few days ago, which I think is briliant! Debra Rothery, the founder of TIA Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, has decided to hit the Greyhound industry where it hurts - right in their pockets! She has decided that the stray greyhounds that come into TIA’s care are the financial responsibility of the racing industry. This is definitely the case under the law because it means that owners are failing to implement Rule 18 – ‘Responsibility of Ownership'. Consequently, she has sent an invoice to the GBGB claiming minimal expenses for stray greyhounds which TIA has incurred since the start 2009. Good on her! The amount of money Greyhound rescues spend every year to pick up the pieces for thes poor creatures is disgusting so it's about time they took responibility themselves! You can find more information about this at Greytexploitations.

While we are on the subject of funding for greyhound rescues, I am still collecting used postage stamps to help fill the funding deficits of Greyhound rescues since the credit crunch started. Please email me if you can send any used postage stamps to help these beautiful creatures.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Used Postage Stamps Appeal For Italian Greyhound Rescue

I recently received an email from a friend who needs help. She is attempt to raise funds for the Italian Greyhound Rescue. Located in the UK, the registered charity (#1104157) is well knonw for its rescue and rehoming program for mistreated and abused Italian Greyhounds up and down the country. They have really helped the breed in the past and, with a little help, will be able to rehome more Italian Greyhounds in the future.

They need used postage stamps, but not just UK ones. They can be from anywhere in the world aslong as the serrated edges are intact so leave a little paper around them. If you can send any through to her at all then please drop me a line and I'll give you the address to send them to. Any and all contributions of postage stamps would be much appreciated.

The Italian Greyhound Rescue needs our help so please just take a couple of seconds to rip the stamp off the envelope when you receive a letter. It will make a difference and help these wonderful people to continue to do an excellent job.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stop The Skinning Alive Of Animals In China!!!

I originally posted this on Lou's Gorgeous Greyhounds but this message NEEDS to be sent so please spread the word as far as possible. Something MUST be done.

With the Olympics on the horizon in the very near future, China has come under scrutiny from various different angles. If it isn't the smog and air pollution then it's the human rights issues. However, I want to draw attention to something else. i want to draw attention to the barbaric treatment of animals.

Now any greyhound lover that has looked into the slaughter of greyhounds in Asia will probably know that greyhounds are skinned and eaten there. This may be horrifying but it is completely true. However, at least the greyhounds are dead before they do that. This may not sound like a plus point at all, but it is when you consider this next fact.

Did you know that 2 million, yes 2,000,000 cats and dogs are skinned alive for their fur every year. They then die in the most horrific way because they are not put out of their misery. They are instead left to die.

There is a petition that you can sign on the Care2 site. This is the direct link. Please please sign it as they are looking for 2 million signatures, one for every cat and dog treated in this barbaric way.

We must put a stop to it now!!! After all, could you imagine the two gorgeous creatures below with no fur? No? Neither could I. This brutality has to be stopped now so please support it... for the sake of all of our furry friends.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Greyhound Training: Helping Ease The Transition From Racer To Household Pet

When you adopt a greyhound, you may feel quite satisfied that you've done a good thing, and so you should! That one greyhound is one more that is safe and secure... and will never have to go through the suffering that some of his or her more unfortunate brethren will. However, your work is only just beginning.

A greyhound will have never lived in a home before so whilst he or she is usually house trained and will go outside to the toilet, other manners have to be taught. Molly was terrible at dinnertime when we got her. She had no concept of table manners at all and would try to eat off our plates whilst we were eating. She soon learned that she couldn't do that with a little training and now barely takes any notice when we eat. Everything we take for granted with older dogs does not apply with greyhounds. They are puppies in adult dog bodies!

I wrote an article on this topic a few days ago and it is published here so go take a look to see how to train a greyhound to be a family pet!